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Taillight Fuse Blows

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Hi,  Whenever I turn on the headlights the IND / Taillight / Meters fuse blows.  This happens immediately upon moving the switch to the parking light position.  It happens when the meters are disconnected.  It happens when the taillight is disconnected.


A 20 amp fuse doesn't blow, but only about 3 LEDs shine dimly on the taillight.  I can't find a short or break anywhere in the wiring harness.  I cleaned out the switch with contact cleaner but the problem persists.


The multimeter shows continuity from the taillight to the connectors at the front of the bike and from the terminals in the switch to the connectors at the other end of the wire.


Has anybody else experienced this and,if so, what turned out to be the problem?


And, does anybody know what IND stands for in this context (it's written on the fuse box).  I thought it was "indicators", but it isn't.  They're on another fuse.


Thanks in advance.


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