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Electric fault

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hi everyone and thank you for letting me join..


I've electric problem 

Basically to day took the X11 for bimble all was great then pow

Pressed horn nothing looked at clocks and they wasn't operating either pulled over .

No blown fuses under seat .indicators stop tail and head lights work but no horn display clocks or front side lights or neutral light...any idea please


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:welcome: along.


If all the fuses are good, you'll have to trace out the wiring, checking every connector, earth strap etc.


A good place to start would be inside the headlight shell.


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Ok , My brother In law has just had a similar thing on His Mint condition all original SP2 with 9k in 18 years on it , It happened at the MOT station and turned out to be the Starter Relay had completely melted around the 30A fuse due to corrosion , Since that happened to him I was going to post some pictures of Mine as I have cleaned it up a bit .

Maybe worth a Look ?


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