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Why does the engine or clutch knock when I start from cold?

Use the x11oc starting technique!

  1. Turn on ignition
  2. Pull in clutch lever and hold it in!
  3. Start engine
  4. Pull out fast idle knob (LH side under frame near back of tank) until 1500rpm shows on tacho (standard idle speed 1100 rpm).
  5. Slowly release clutch lever.
  6. Alow bike to warm up... push back the fast idle knob and ride away with a grin!


Why does my bike vibrate at 5000 rpm/whatever?

The most likely answer to this question is that your drive chain is too tight!

Forget the bollox in the handbook...

Adjust it with someone of similar weight to yourself sat on the bike! Don't forget to factor in a pillion/luggage etc!


What are the correct tyre sizes and pressures?

36psi front and 42psi rear... although, many of us put a few more psi in the front tyre.

Standard tyre sizes are...

120/70x17 front

180/55x17 rear

Both are ZR speed rated ones.

A 190 section rear can be fitted, as reported by owners, but watch clearance on huggers etc.

However, fitting non-type approved tyres is a bad idea and may be dangerous. You may also run into issues if your bike is inspected after an accident... which wouldn't be the best of times anyway! This site in no way recommends changing tyres from non-standard sizes!


How much fuel is left in the tank when the light comes on?

4 Litres (approx) So fill up pdq! The tank holds 22 Litres total.

Many owners get approx 150/160 miles out of a tankful before the light comes on... but you can get much less if you are playing hard!


What Engine Oil should I use and how much?

Use a good quality motorcycle type oil. Use 10w 40 Semi-synthetic or even 5w-40 Fully synthetic if your engine is fully run in. ie over 8k miles. See the other sticky thread for a supplier. 3.8 litres is needed with a new filter. Oil changes are every 8,000 miles as per the service shedule. Change the filter every time there's no sense using clean oil with a dirty filter.


Do Blackbird Exhausts/Parts fit my x11?

Yes! (mostly)

If you want standard silencers then get the ones from an early non-injected slackbird for a mild performance boost. Aftermarket silencers fit too... but may need careful fitting (spacers etc) to avoid them scratching your swinging arm!

Many engine service and cycle parts are the same on both bikes. But always check first by using the SEARCH function on the site!


Do they normally get so hot in traffic?


Hot enough to go into the red zone of the temp. gauge and even spit coolant out! Just make sure you can hear the fan kick in from time to time!

It'll soon cool down when you get moving... zoom down the wrong side of the road or down the pavement if you have to! (only joking).


What is that horrible whining noise coming from my bike?

Have you got an aftermarket (non-Honda) front sprocket fitted?

Original Honda ones have rubber coated side plates on them... keeps the noise down! Cost a packet though... so you have to decide on the noise or the wallet!

17 tooth front and 43 tooth rear..... or maybe, leave the wife at home, if the new sprocket doesn't cure it!


I need a new ignition key what do I do?

Go to your Honda dealer (or genuine parts supplier) get a HISS key. Take it to your local key cutter service and match the blank to your original key. Take it back to your Honda dealer and get them to add it to the HISS system with their device.


How do I check the engine oil?

With a warmed engine, place the bike on its mainstand (centre stand) on level ground, leave it for a few mins then unscrew the dipstick, Wipe it clean then reinsert it so the threads meet the top of the hole, don't screw it in!. Remove it and take a reading. The oil should be between the two marks on the stick.


How do I avoid my brake discs getting warped?

When you stop at traffic lights etc after a bit of spirited riding... don't hold your brakes on whilst you wait to set off again! This creates hot and cold spots in the discs and helps cause the warpage. Same advice for any vehicle that you own.


Why has my FI light come on?

Put the bike on its sidestand, start the engine and let it idle, note the number and duration of any blinks of the F1 light.

Note : Fast blinks count as 1 & slow blinks count as 10. They will repeat in a cycle.

Post in the forum with your results (if any).


Dubious Regulators and Sub frame Snapping.

Yes regulators fail and the bit of the sub frame that the grab handle bolts to will snap off!

See this post for the cures.


How many x11's are there in the UK?


Err, run out of things to mention now... but I'm sure this will expand as we go along.


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