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Workshop Manual and why can't I view these attachments? READ THIS!

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The WORKSHOP MANUAL is available to our benafactor members to download along with the parts microfiche in our "Downloads" section.

As for "Attachments" on this forum...

As you may have noticed, if you are a "Guest" member... you cannot directly download any pictures or files stored as attachments on the forum.

However, so you don't miss out. I have created a folder on a "free hosting" site which contains most of the attachments from the forum.

This saves the bandwidth consumption on the site and conserves site funds!

It contains all the magazine reviews that I have scanned along with all the technical scans I've done also the Honda sales blurb etc...

If there is anything on the site that I have missed... please let me know and I'll try to include it.



Follow this link to view the folder with the files inside...


Then click on the file you want and it'll pop up a new window with a button to download the file...

Why not become a "BENEFACTOR" member, help to support the x11oc and enjoy all the features of the site?

Use the "donate" feature from the site index.


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