Broke my headlight!

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Somehow, I’ve managed to break the plastic body of the light whilst in storage in my garage. Pain! Does anyone have one for sale? If not, can I use one from another bike eg a hornet etc?

Thanks in advance.




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According to Fowlers (https://www.fowlersparts.co.uk/) the X11 and the Hornet (CB900F) seems to use the same part number for the headlight bowl (61301MCC010).  


So you should be ok to look for a Hornet one at a breaker or on auction sites - but please do your own research and make sure you're happy before you purchase anything - Look up the two bikes on the Fowlers website and check part numbers.


For info, If you were going to go for a brand new part, Fowlers look to have the new honda part at £113 for just the headlight bowl.  My favorite Honda parts supplier in Japan has them at £41 +postage for the same part.  Even with the high postage from Tokyo, it would be miles cheaper to purchase from https://japan.webike.net  I've used them many times.  Shipping usually takes less than a week, and I've never had to pay any import fees.



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