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Bigger isn't always better - screens included.

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Had a little Fabbri screen fitted for about 15 years, more to protect the fragile casing on the clocks then anything. The casing already had a repair when I got the bike in 2006.


Getting longer in the tooth, fancied a little more luxury and comfort so started looking for a bigger screen. I imagined myself wafting up the M74 to Glasgow and beyond cossetted in pocket of calm air a la R1200LT. I'd previously tried an MRA screen with arms but couldn't get them to fit on my existing bars which are original and I don't plan to convert.


Found the Puig Plus Touring screen which gives you an extra 10cm (don't!). Fitted easy enough to the headlamp and looked the business. Very impressed. However, once on the move it was different story. With the smaller screen, I have obviously always been in the wind but there has never been much turbulence. With the larger screen, this changed and the buffeting was intrusive and unpleasant. I was being knocked around a hell of a lot more. Gave it 30 minutes up and down the M62 but no good so back to the little Fabbri which has served me so well. 


There is no moral to this story, probably not much point either!



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