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Not that the linked brakes particularly bother me but I was wondering about delinking them anyway. I know I need the kit with the hoses and so on from Jaws, but what about the master cylinders and calipers? I assume the rear master cylinder will be fine to use as is but I'm sure I read that the front isn't up to the job once it's delinked, would something like a 'Blade radial master cylinder be better? Or if I can find in my boxes of 'stuff' that haven't been touched since I got divorced, the brembo radial master cylinder! If I'm going the route of a different master cylinder are there any other calipers that are a straight swap to the X fork legs (besides a Blackbird :P) that work better than stock? Eventually (IE when I win the lottery) I'd like to go USD radial front end but wages, new wife's visa, son's damn expensive car insurance and do on don't allow for that for now!


Remembered another silly question - mirror mount for a different master cylinder - any ideas? Not bar end ones though, I smashed too many on my GSX14 before it was stolen.


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Hi Mick , the standard master cylinders will work ok with the delinked brakes , the front is firm but has slightly more travel , in my opinion it gives for a more progressive feel , If you do change the master cylinder the CB1000r master is a the same as a fireblade one but the fluid bottle is mounted directly on top not with a bracket and hose , also the clamp is the mirror mount and the clutch clamp fits the x11 clutch mount to even things up , I can vouch for this because thats what I have done.


Good luck John.


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