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M&P Accessories Conti tyres deal

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M&P are knocking out contimotion bike tyres for £109.99 for a full set of two

120/180..That looks good to me,although I have never tried these tyres.

I assume they must be slighlty older generation tyres...Wonder if anyone has

any experience of these and also for Conti Road attacks which they are also doing cheap???


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I'm a fan of the Conti Road Attack, got the Attack 2 on at the moment. Fast warm-up and aren't cutting up on the shoulders like the Dunlops I bought the bike on. Paid £200 the pair fitted last summer, 1800 miles in and not half worn even on Aberdeenshire back roads.

I think Contomotion are more for lighter commuter bikes and a less demanding riding style.


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