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Right. As you May have seen I have an ultra low mileage bike that’s sat for a while. 

fuel pump is dead.....(check power direct and properly full of crud).


BUT......checking power ok the harness lead to I have worked out in the 3 pin connector should be(please correct me if I am wrong)


green - earth

brown - pump

brown and black line - fuel light. 

I am not getting power out of the pin to the pump but just the fuel light I think. 

I swapped the 2 relays over with no difference. 

is there something I am missing?



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just check the fuse and made sure you are getting good connection on socket  sleeve , may be worth checking back of socket for any wiring issues .not sure about wires to where .



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I made up my own issue!!! Just realised it will only get voltage when priming or cranking....just a dead pump! (and of course a super grotty tank!)


Note to self - problem are much harder after 12 hours at a PC working!!!

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Hi Matt welcome to the forum , Great having a bike with such low milage but a bike that has been stood for a long time will have a few issues , I would go through all the fluids and change them Including a few oil changes , I would wip the plugs out and give it a good turn over with some light oil down the bores before you fire her up , and as for the pump best thing to do is remove the tank and remove the pump then check the conections to the pump , If it has been standing for a long time the Pump could be seized or rusted up , if you need a new pump Wemoto sell them but not sure of the quality , I have changed a few in cars over the years and I'll bet there is a car one that can be used , just needs to be paired up as the Honda prices require a mortgage for one !

All the Best John

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Good Advice. I was planning to check the plugs so I will pop some oil down and turn over. 

All the fluids will get a change for sure. 

It has been started up every so often upto about 12 months ago so not fully sat atleast. 

I got a price of £532 for a new Honda pump....managed to strip it down and free the spindle so the pump now works. Tank was rather rusty so awaiting some stuff to arrive to sort that. I plan to get it warm and started and see if getting warm sorts the stuck clutch before doing the first fluid changed. 

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It's a wet clutch so an oil change may free it. Good luck.

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