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FI 25 Code .

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Just had a quick heart in mouth moment when I spotted a red indicator light on.

Got home and did some looking up.

FI light blinking 25- knock sensor.

Nothing noticed power wise, Engine runs the same as it always has.

Check continuity and it seems ok up to the EMC connector. 

Couldn't check if there's conintuity between the knock sensor and it's connector , but there are no signs of corrosion .


Looking at the blackbird forum this is looking like a common issue (past owner, a very good friend, says he never had it happen).


So questions are :

1. Is a change of ECM the only answer?

2. If allowed has anyone got any recommendations of where to get one (preferably cheaply).

3. If there's not noticable problem, am I going to wreck the engine and I do very few miles a year now (< 4000 easy).




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Should be ok with decent quality fuel, you could always try an octane booster additive.


Check those shitty wires under the tail-piece too.

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when I buy a X11 I always take each connecter out of ecm 1 at a time give it a good inspection then clean both plug and socket . smear with electrician grease and put back. ,never had problem so don't  know if it did any good but felt better for doing a simple job .




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Good advice Brian.

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