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FI light blinking endlessly

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Hello everyone.

Yesterday I noticed a problem while accelerating: after reaching around 5-6 RPM at 5th gear, I felt a sudden decrease of speed. After a few seconds the FI light lit on and I stopped the bike immediately, parked it on a side stand, turned off ignition and turned it on again to read an error code. However, the light started blinking with short blinks only. I gave up after counting till 40+ blinks twice (again, all were short ones). After a couple of minutes the FI light lit off but in half an hour I felt another decrease of speed (again, while accelerating on the highest gear moderately), the light lit on again and I got the same meaningless amount of short blinks.

Googling hasn't helped at all, so my questions are:


* if anyone has experienced the same issue or has any ideas of what happened

* where may I find a cable to connect the ECU to a computer? (again, those which I was able to find on ebay and local stores are not compatible or at least their specs do not claim that explicitly)


Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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Why has my FI light come on?

Put the bike on its sidestand, start the engine and let it idle, note the number and duration of any blinks of the F1 light.

Note : Fast blinks count as 1 & slow blinks count as 10. They will repeat in a cycle.

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