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Tempting as it is to try the blue pills and see if that makes any difference, I don'y think they will have any effect on electrics!

My original horn (which was also pathetic) packed up and I bought a generic motorcycle horn to replace it, wired it up, bracket bolted to the forks and it's a pathetic peep! It's fixed by the screw thread and nut on the back to a metal bracket that is then fixed to the forks on the hose clamp bolt - have I done something wrong? Do I need to wire in a relay?

Short of stripping down my TL1000R and finding out what a previous owner has fitted to that (it's VERY loud, made me jump as much as the car driver first time I used it!), any recommendations for something that won't look silly but has decent volume.


*edit* - if I unbolt the horn from the bike and leave it on the bracket it makes a decent noise, it's once the bracket is bolted to the bike it goes to a pathetic peep.

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Hi Mick try earthing it to the frame !

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