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Fuel gauge on new meter

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Hi Iam rebuilding my x11 and on the new instrument its a fuel gauge not just a warning light for low fuel , is it anyway to put a relay or something to have the new meter show full and then show low when low fuel light is on , sorry for bad english 

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If it's a digital dashboard:

No; Put the warning light on some other function, you might not be using all of them (like an abs warning light or something)

Or get a Blackbird tank and take out the round thingy on the bottom and replace it with the one you have.

I know round thingy is not a great description, but I don't know the english name.  Just look at the bottom of the tank and you'll see

This is a real shitty job to do btw. could easily create a leak.

If you're selling the original dash I might be interested as the tachometer on mine is busted.

I considered a digital dash as well but didn't place it for the reasons stated above.  I do have a BB tank with the parts needed, wanna trade maybe?

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