exhaust / lowering links.

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Guys, i see loads cans for blackbird on that auction site, but not many for x11, 

are they interchangeable? also  suspension links be the same on both?

as they appear cheaper for blackbird than x11, thanks steve 

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I have aftermarket blackbird cans on mine, bought them used and no issues.

Ask what blackbird they come from though, I think the early ones have different pipes, but not sure.

Very cheap ones like mine usually don't carry the E-mark, important for driving in Germany or maybe for you guys too since bikes have MOT's there.

Or are E-markings not important anymore with Brexit?:P

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thanks steve


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Hello. Suspension links are different which a real pain! Had my original shock rebuilt a couple of years ago by Firefox Racing in Keighley (about £130). Probably not needed but do most of my mileage with panniers and camping gear together with an increasingly weighty rider. Unlike some others, never had a problem with handling an so never felt the need to upgrade for my riding style....£984.92 for an Ohlins on eBay anyone?!?! (Never understood why eBay is unmentionable on the forum..."that auction site", "fleabay" etc...bought and sold for I missing something???)

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