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Just bought a x11 streetfighter. Which had a zx12r front end. Been in the garage today for fork seals. Guys rang asking me to collect as he won't work on it as it's dangerous. Front forks and front yoke is from zx12r. Guy says just been squashed together. I don't have full lock, folks are hitting the radiator, the brake lines are to short and at low speed just wobbles at low speed.


So question I have what's the best front end and yoke that fits?

Can't find an x11 in the UK, not sure if the blackbird is bolt on.


Any help would be great as it's pretty unridable.





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https://www.billetbikebits.com/yokes can probably help you but it won't be cheap. Standard front ends come up every so often but you'd be looking at the whole lot not just forks and yokes which would probably make a billet yoke set up not too expensive.


https://www.billetbikebits.com/product-page/billet-stealth-slims-yokes-for-any-bike-streetfighter-triple-trees I looked at these but bank says no at the minute!

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Hi Dan , check my Blog !



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