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Has anyone replaced the full set (ie not a delink kit)? I bought one last week, arrived in a sealed pack, but several are the wrong length:

  1. Shortest line (delay valve to right hand front caliper) about 10mm too long
  2. Top of 2nd master cylinder 9l/h front fork) to steel line l/h side of the headstock and top of delay valve to steel line r/h side of the headstock both wayyy too short (several centimeters)
  3. steel line across forks , block to l/h caliper about 6mm too short


And of course, r/h caliper to front master cylinder about 60mm too short but that's my fault as I have raised bars and forgot to order a longer cable.


So here I am, three new lines fitted, the rest old.


Before I go back to the seller, can anyone sanity check that I'm being totally dense here?


Thanks guys



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I'd check that they've sent you the x11 kit and not the Blackbird kit.

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Update time: They had sent the Blackbird kit, but my fault as I'd seen somewhere that the two were the same. I bled the brakes through several times, using vacuum to pull fluid through, positive pressure system to push fluid up from the calipers, every which way but the rear was still unusable; I am guessing that there is a problem bleeding the line from the 2nd mc via the PCV to the rear caliper. I also refurbed the 2nd mc just in case it wasn't playing nice, still no joy.

I then had a 'sod it' moment and I've delinked. Rear brake is now perfect, front is the same (as expected).


Has anyone done a partial delink? I was wondering how it would be with the 2nd mc out of the way, but still using a linked rear. That way the front wouldn't affect the rear so no bike 'standing up' mid-corner but still able to use the rear to put some pressure onto the front wheel; this would mean the rear mc would be operating one rear piston and two front pistons, or two rear pistons and two front pistons (would the mc be up for the extra fluid displacement??)


Also did the chain & sprockets last weekend. Third time in my life I've gone through that (FJ1100 and CBR1000 good times!!) and flaring the rivet heads was *much* harder that it was the last time (1994 I think) so either steel chains are getting harder or I'm getting old and feeble. I suspect the latter :-(


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I did a DID chain and sprocket kit a few weeks ago and the chain tool wouldn't even leave a mark on the rivets... so out with the ball hammer, sorted in 2 minutes.


Good luck with the lines.....I don't ride my latest X11 as hard as my first one, so didn't bother with the braided lines, although I have seen some cheap ones on eBay of various sizes recently and might be tempted 


Look at this on eBay

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