Blackbird and X11 Akrapovic system compatibility

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Hi Guys!


I bought an used Akrapovic 4-1 system for my X11.

It was advertised as X11 system, but today I installed it and the downpipes touch the lower mount tab of the radiator and the fan bracket too.

Is it possible that it is a Blackbrid system and downpipes are longer? Has anybody the same experience?

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put blackbird exhaust into serving and tech. questions . forum and there is advice on there.If I remember I think the down pipe on b/b are more curved and do caught the rad.


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Welcome Andris did you get the Akropovic radiator bracket as well ?

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I didn't get radiator bracket with the exhaust. I made one to get a few millimeters distance between the downpipes and the fan/cooler.

Originally the akrapovic gave a new bracket with the exhaust?

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